Alex Catona.

Alex was born in Romania in 1975. He studied classical music with emphasis on cello at the renowned “George Enescu National Music School”. He left Romania in 1989 to pursue his studies in Canada at the Claude Watson Arts Program where he studied Composition with Dr. Ph. J. McConnell. He then studied cello at Western University with Malcolm Tait and continued his education at the Folkwang Hochschule in Essen, Germany, with Young-Chang Cho as his cello teacher. It is there that he finally gave in to his passion for improvisation, jazz, composing and mixing creative genres and where he begins practicing independent filmmaking and screenwriting.

In that span he collaborates as composer and performer with Samir Akika, Lorca Renoux, Markus Michailowski, Norbert Steinwartz, Florentin Chiran and Hans Klohe, among others.

Subsequently, he is invited by Rui Horta to attend Collaboration In Arts at the O- Espaco-do-Tempo in Portugal in 2004. This provides the impulse for a new beginning for Alex. It is here he devises his first full length work, “tell me, in my ear” a cinematic theatre performance. He tours Portugal, England and Germany with this production and is called to join the cast of Vincent Dance Theatre in 2005. He collaborates with VDT for three productions where he performs as well as composes the soundtrack of: “Broken Chords”, “If we go on” and “Motherland”.

After “Motherland”, Alex departs Europe to settle down in Costa Rica with his family. It is here that he is most prolific as a film director, film composer as well as choreographer and creates/composes for numerous nationally and internationally acclaimed and awarded productions such as: “A ojos cerrados”, “Gato negro”, “The killers”, “Las manzanas”, “Spring sacrifice”, “FJB”, ”Sibelius”, “Versus”, “Dos fridas”, “Rio sucio”, “Para mirar un eclipse”, “Kaspar before Hauser”, “Way”, “PT”, “Pop Demo” and many others.

He currently resides on Galiano Island, in Canada, with his family and continues to be very active as a film composer, experimental musician and educator.


Tel: +001 778 987 2010


Composer of the following productions:

"Río sucio", dir. Gustavo Fallas, (feature lenght film - en proceso) 2018-2019
"Agosto", dir. Armando Capo, (feature length film - en proceso) 2018-2019
"Para mirar un eclipse", dir. Roberto Jaen (short film) 2017
“Dos Fridas”, dir. Ishtar Yassin, (feature length film) 2017
“Jabalí”. dir. Xabier Iriguibel, (short film) 2017
“Surco Sódico”, dir. Laura Cortés, (Video Dance) 2016
”VERSUS”, dir. Alex Catona, (Physical Theatre) 2015
“Way”, dir. Pedro Carmo, (Short Film) 2015
“Las que en vida fueran”, dir. Xabier Iriguibel,( Short Film) 2014
“Creisi”, dir. Alex Catona, (Physical Theatre) 2014
“Doble Faz”, dir. Martha Hincapié, (Physical Theatre) 2014
“Padre”, dir. Alejo Crisóstomo, (feature length film) 2013
“Motherland”, dir. Charlotte Vincent, (Physical Theatre) 2012
“Los Asesinos”, BBBA Productions::: (Short Film) 2011
“A ojos cerrados”, dir. Hernan Jimenez, (feature length film) 2010
“If we go on”, dir. Charlotte Vincent, (Physical Theatre) 2009
“El gato negro”, BBBA Productions::: (Short Film)2009
“El sacrificio”, BBBA Productions::: (Short Film)2009
“Bartleby”, dir. Alfredo Catania, (Physical Theatre) 2007
“Broken Chords”, dir. Charlotte Vincent, (Physical Theatre) 2005
“Swim like a goldfish”, dir. Janet Archer, (Physical Theatre) 2005
“L.O.V.E.”, dir. Hans Werner Klohe, (Physical Theatre) 2004
“Sibelius“, dir. Alfredo y Carlos Catania, (Theatre) 2004
“Autoexilio en 9 rounds”, dir. Andrea Catania, (Physical Theatre) 2004
“What we are trying to say tonight is…”, dir. Samir Akika, (Physical Theatre) 2003
“Rumble”, dir. Markus Michailowski, (Physical Theatre) 2003
“Sharks”, dir. Samir Akika, (Physical Theatre) 2003
“Nivellierung”, dir. Markus Michailowski, (Physical Theatre) 2002
“Kaschemme”, dir. Norbert Steinwartz, (Physical Theatre) 2002
„Didjelli“, dir. Samir Akika, Physical Theatre) 2002

Director, dramaturg, choreographer and/or screenwriter of:

"Travel blind", Alex Catona, (director, dramaturg, composer - creation in process) 2018
“Versus”, Alex Catona, (director/dramaturg/composer) 2015
“Kaspar before Hauser”, Alex Catona/LASAFUERAS, (director/dramaturg/composer) 2014
“CREISI”, Alex Catona/LASAFUERAS./Academia Superior de las Artes, Bogota, Colombia, (teacher/director/dramaturg/composer) 2014
“Test(i)go”. Andrea Catania/Centro Nacional de Producción Coreográfica, Mexico D,F., Mexico, (teacher, co-director/dramaturg) 2013
“Enzo”, BBBA Productions::: (director/screenwriter/composer) 2013
“FJB”, BBBA Productions::: (actor/composer) 2012
“Looking for Suzanne”, LASAFUERAS, (director, dramaturg) 2012
“The killers”, BBBA Productions::: (director/composer) 2011
“The black cat”, BBBA Productions::: (director/composer) 2009
“Spring Sacrifice”, BBBA Productions:::(director/screenwriter/composer) 2009
“pop demo #3”, LASAFUERAS, (director/choreographer)) 2008
“pop demo #2”, -LASAFUERAS, (director/ choreographer) 2008
“Marie, chérie”, LASAFUERAS, National Dance Company, Costa Rica, (director,choreographer), 2008
“guantanamo blues”, LASAFUERAS, (actor/dancer/choreographer/composer) 2007
“The apples”, BBBA Productions:::, (director/screenwriter) 2007
“”, LASAFUERAS, National Conservatory of Performing Arts, San José, Costa Rica, (director/choreographer) director/teacher/choreographer), 2007
“As long as it’s ham…”- LASAFUERAS), National Conservatory of Performing Arts, San José, Costa Rica, (director/teacher/choreographer 2006
“Metro”, BBBA Productions::: (director) 2006
“PT”, LASAFUERAS,(director, choreographer) 2006
“tell me in my ear”, tomahawktheatre, (director/composer) 2005
“I mean, what the fuck, love is love”, tomahawktheatre, (director/screenwriter/composer) 2004